I had a great conversation with Emma Ellice-Flint, a nutritionist specialising in the menopause. We discussed how the foods we are eating, how we are moving and the menopausal symptoms we are experiencing, are all related. It is time to question how we can improve our lives as we get older!

What are the first associations you think of when hearing ‘menopausal symptoms’? Perhaps the weight gain, vaginal dryness and a weaker bladder. These are the most common symptoms the feminine healthcare industry provides for, and the main symptoms women want to solve. Other symptoms include stress and forgetfulness, joint pain, hot flushes and itchy skin, which can be overseen as anything to do with the hormonal changes happening in our body.

Being hungry, but gaining weight. Feeling tired, but not being able to sleep. Wanting to move and exercise but not knowing how. There are predicaments women often find themselves in. Sound familiar?

Unfortunately, there is no ‘quick fix’ for these symptoms, but we can help ourselves with the understanding that many of our physical and mental symptoms are linked; like a jigsaw. Making more educated lifestyle choices drastically improves the experience of so many women who come through mine and Emma’s doors.

You can watch our conversation about menopausal symptoms, food and movement here!

There is so much more we have to share with you. We want to help our clients make the ageing process as seamless as possible, and keep women living the lives they love! You can access our full interview here, where Emma gives us her favourite quick and healthy recipe and we talk more about the benefits of a Whole Foods Diet.

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