Our lives have changed over the past few months, including our exercise and working routines. I chatted with Jo and Adam, the owners of the Rugby Osteopathic Centre, about how we can manage new and recurring injuries, the impact stress can have on our physical health and what injuries you should not ignore. Access our chat here, and read more to find out how to make your work environment an injury-free zone!

TikTok Injuries

There have been an increase of injuries from people experimenting with at-home workouts – or new dance routines (does anyone understand TikTok yet?) – and although it is great to try new activities to challenge our bodies, you still have to move with care. Whether you are moving more or less, keeping your body hydrated is a great way to avoid injuries and is great for your overall health. Make sure you WARM UP and COOL DOWN after any form of exercise – you don’t just have to be in a gym to get a great workout, so treat your body with the care it needs!

A Safe At-Home Workspace

Making your at-home workspace as comfortable and safe as possible really is worth the time! Here are some things to consider:

  • Sitting and standing: Mix up how long you are sitt and stand. When you are standing, make sure your posture is correct (no sloughing or awkward twists in your spine!). You can read more about perfecting your posture here. Investing or making your own standing desk is an easy way to stop your shoulders from slouching forward and allows you to keep your muscles engaged when standing.
  • Your laptop should be in-line with your eyebrows: The main cause of a sore neck is your posture compensating for a laptop being too low. Avoid ducking to see your laptop by using a pile of books on which to balance your laptop. You should be able to sit tall with your with your shoulders back and your arms relaxed in front of you.
  • Make sure you are taking breaks: When working from home, it can be easy to work through your lunch break and stay still for the whole day! When in the office, you would naturally take breaks when chatting to colleagues, or moving around the office. Try to stay mobile at home, even by walking around the house every hour.
  • Workplace Analysis: If you are unsure whether your work environment is suitable, or you are suffering from new or recurring injuries, get a consultation with Jo and Adam.

Check out our exercise video for after you’ve been sitting for long periods.

Jo and Adam are available for online consultations, so you can make sure you new at-home workspace is right for your body.

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