Do you remember a time when you never even thought about your back? It was just there and you carried on with your day. Then gradually, or all of a sudden, you are aware of feeling stiff either in the morning or after a stroll around town or even just standing still for a short time? What has happened and why?

Here are 4 possible causes for your back stiffness:

  1. Tightness in your ankles and hips:

Your body works as a unit. When you walk, bend, twist and generally move, you create movement in your spine, hips and ankles. If there is reduced movement in your hips and ankles your spine will take up the slack, overwork and you will start to feel stiff. Here is a stretch you can do anytime during the day which can help. A calf stretch that will help your spine

  1. Reduced movement generally:

Your body is designed for movement and lots of it! Monitoring your daily movement is the best way to ensure you are moving enough to avoid feeling stiff in your joints. Getting into a routine is the best way to manage your movement, here is a guide to getting more movement into your day: Getting more movement into your day

  1. Sitting for over an hour without moving:

The longer we sit the stiffer we get! If you are in an office job, you can move away from the back of your chair from time to time and allow your back and stomach muscles to do some work. As mentioned above, in getting movement into your day, finding ways to get up and down is great. If you watch television could you sit on the floor supported by a cushion? You will naturally move more, maybe lying down and doing some stretches also. Here is a sheet of exercises you can do from your chair to help:..\chair exercises.docx