Emma Ellice-Flint is a nutritionist, with a focus on menopausal women’s dietary needs. In our chat, she shared a recipe for a healthy meal which is not only great for us when going through the changes of the menopause, but is quick, easy and so yummy!

Our bodies are incredible, but what should we be fuelling ourselves with? Just like putting petrol into a diesel car, consuming the wrong foods can leave us feeling rundown with symptoms such as bloating and constipation.

Enjoying a healthy meal is a priority for many of us, but often this is associated with timely preparation and bland food choices. Food is such an important part of our lives and should be enjoyed without the guilt which can be experienced after an indulgent food choice.

Menopause can bring, not only biological changes, but confusion in our lifestyle choices: what should we be eating? How can we shift the persistent weight? I spoke with Emma to get her number 1 recipe for a delicious snack, which can be enjoyed and will benefit so many aspects of our body!

The Recipe: Lentil and Tahini Balls

Watch Our Discussion of a Healthy Recipe Here

Lentil and Tahini Balls are great for your bone and gut health and can help to lift your mood. They include the ingredients which make up a Whole Foods diet (read about a Whole Foods Diet here), such as whole rolled oats, sesame seeds, cooked orange lentils and tomato paste.

Fun fact: tomato paste includes calcium and is a phytonutrient food, which is shown to promote healthy ageing!

Get your Lentil & Tahini Balls recipe here!

Enjoy them and let us know how you get on.

You can access the full interview here, where we discuss menopausal symptoms and exercising, with more insights on what we should be eating.

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