Jamie is a Sports Therapist and I got the chance to have a very open chat with him about what sports therapy involves and how it can help everyone (that’s right – you don’t have to be playing in the Wimbledon to use a Sports Therapist!). Access our full chat here!

Who can use a Sports Therapist?

The easy answer: EVERYONE!

Whether you have a very labour intensive job or find yourself sitting at your desk for hours a day, a Sports Therapist can help you! From relaxing your shoulders after being hunched at your desk all day, to teaching you how to care for the overused muscles, anyone can benefit.

No pain and all the gain!

Contrary to the normal beliefs, visiting a Sports Therapist does not have to feel like you’ve been run over by a bus. Therapists, like Jamie, see the muscle as something that can be relaxed through gentle prodding. Muscles can get stiff from lack of, or repetitive, movements. A Sports Therapist will help overcome physical injuries, and prevent further injuries from occurring! Watch what Jamie has to say here!

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