It is not a secret that warming up before exercise is crucial to avoid injury, but what small daily tasks can we do to avoid muscle tension? Jamie, the owner and incredible sports therapist from JPF Sports Therapy, gave us his tips! You can access our full chat here.

Take the time to reset your posture

Setting an alarm or reminder on your phone when working at your desk to check your posture is a quick and simple way to ensure your shoulders haven’t raised or that you’re not hunching forward. Raise your arms over your head and stretch up to the ceiling, turn your head from right to left, shrug your shoulders up and down Check out how to stay safe when working from home!

Listen to your body!

If you need to sit at your desk for most of the day, ensure you go for a walk – even 10 minutes will do in between meetings! If you are in charge of your diary, make a conscious choice to schedule the meetings with a half hour in between and take a proper lunch break, with no phone or screen – get outside and move!

Getting a gulp of fresh air won’t just leave your body feeling better but will wake you up and encourage a more productive afternoon.

However, if you work in a heavily manual job, then give your body the break it needs. A warm bath with Epsom Salts will relax the muscles so you aren’t suffering from pain or stiffness the next day.

Stretch and Lie Down

When you are feeling particularly stiff, the best thing you can do is…nothing! Just for a short time, lie on the floor and do a full-body stretch. This will realign your body, give your muscles a well-needed shake out and will get you ready for your evening (whether you are going for a walk, doing some sports or relaxing).

Try this mobilizing workout for your whole body

Never Underestimate the Power of your Breath

Breathwork – consciously controlling your breath – is the perfect way to refresh your mental state. Taking a deep breath in and slowly letting it go, will help to promote a feeling of wellbeing and calm. You will also be inclined to let go of tension in the usual spots at the jaw, shoulder and lower back. Try it now: take 5 deep breaths in and out and see how much better you feel afterwards!

Got 5 minutes? You can listen to our chat about muscles tension here.

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