My chat with Emma Ellice-Flint gave an overview of the best food group we should be eating and how we can prep our meals to benefit our brains and body.

A frequently asked question I get from my clients is “What foods should I be eating?”. A simple Google search gives numerous contradicting and overwhelming results. No matter how many sweaty HEAT® classes you do, if you do not fuel your body with the right food, you will see little change in your body. This can be frustrating for many, particularly as we get older. Weight gained can be seemingly more persistent to get rid of.

Everyone deserves to feel great, outside and in, but with the confusing information around nutrition and with the lack of time to cook every meal from scratch, I reached out to Emma Ellice-Flint to give us an overview of what we should be eating to achieve the healthiest version of ourselves. Emma is a nutritionist, specialising in menopausal women’s health, and has a clinic based in Stratford-Upon-Avon. She is still offering consultations for women to discuss their health and nutritional needs.

The Benefits of the Whole Food Diet

So what is the best food to help us be fulfilled and properly fueled? The ‘Whole Foods Diet’ is based around plant-based products, including a colourful spectrum of vegetables, fruits, pulses, seeds and nuts. Emma tells us how this diet is beneficial for our menopausal symptoms and the importance of cooking or tossing your vegetables in Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

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There is so much information Emma has to share with us, so stay tuned for more interviews and Nutritional Workshops with her.

You can access the full interview here, where we discuss menopausal symptoms and exercising, with more recipe and food information.

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