Hysterectomy & Prolapse Recovery

Holistic Core Restore®
Hysterectomy & Prolapse Recovery

This is our Core Restore® Recovery programme. The HCR® Recovery programme truly ‘has your back’ and will guide and support you safely in your return to an active life.

Ultimately, NOT MOVING isn’t an option but learning to move in a way that will support your new and ongoing Pelvic Health status is ESSENTIAL to your current and future health and independence.

Foundation to future health

HCR® Recovery isn’t simply a ‘fitness programme’ It is a fully HOLISTIC foundation to your future health. We’ll educate you about your surgery and make the science very simple. We’ll teach you to lift and manage pressure in your core for LIFE.

We’ll help you un-derstand the importance of maintaining and improving your bone health, cardiovascular health, gut and bowel health RIGHT NOW as a means of supporting your Pelvic Health! We’ll guide you to supporting your health deeply with ‘food as medicine’.

What do I need to know?

The usual length of this programme is 8 weeks, meeting every two weeks.

The programme is very bespoke to you and your phase of recovery. Everything you need will be provided including exercise equipment, handouts and other guidance you may need.

Next Dates

As this is a 1-2-1 programme, we can start your course anytime.  You don’t have to wait for a set date to begin.

We can accomodate this course on a Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Class Cost

£200 payable in 4 installments.

How To Book

To book your place for Hysterectomy and Prolapse recovery, please book any 1-2-1 session with Anne on the online timetable, or call.

Get In Touch!

If you would like to book or have any questions about our

07905 718136

The classes run by Anne and her team are fantastic. I have been attending the classes for many years and they help my stiff back from being painful and inflexible. The dedicated new studio is lovely, with fabulous new equipment.