When I started experiencing problems with my pelvic floor, I was adamant I would not ignore it! My journey started where many other women’s do: a prescription from the doctors. This did not suit me, so the journey continued until I found a solution which I was happy with, and I was seeing successful results: The Holistic Core Restore Everywomen Programme®

“I will try just one more thing”

That is what I kept saying every time I tried to find an answer to my changing pelvic floor experiences.

My own pelvic floor changes started when I became a Pilates instructor! At the time the cues were ‘lift your pelvic floor and belly button to spine’ there was never a cue to ‘let go’ and no muscles are designed to just contract!
In fairness, it was also a stressful time generally, we had three young children, my husband travelled, no family nearby and I also started working in a clinical setting, which was very new to me. Although on paper, things were going well, the stress and poor understanding were showing in my body.
I started to notice that after almost every class or session, I desperately needed the loo – the classic, desperate need when the key goes in the door, a situation that many women mention. Trying to find a reason why this was happening was the start of my journey.

First Attempt:

After an appointment with the NHS, it was recommended to try taking medication to help my bladder relax. Although they said I had ‘urgency’ and my bladder needed to be retrained, I didn’t know WHY it was happening – medication wasn’t for me.

Second Attempt:

I found a specialist pelvic floor expert online, who I had three one to one sessions with, which was ok. However, there was no real information and just a few exercises. I really wanted to learn and understand my body!

Third Attempt:

I bought a device that contracted and relaxed my pelvic floor for me. After sticking with it for some time, it made no difference and is now in a drawer somewhere.

Fourth Attempt:

I booked myself a session with a physiotherapist, who unfortunately moved away after our first appointment, so nothing concrete came of it.

Fifth Attempt – JACKPOT

FINALLY, I found Holistic Core Restore®, and for me, it was the education offered so I could understand what was going on in my body which I fell in love with. It was the lifestyle information, the nutritional input and the fabulous support which started the changes – no medication needed!
I now understand that my bladder was being irritated by stress and some constipation, which was also irritating my bladder and causing the feeling of urgency. Strengthening my pelvic floor was not the answer, I had to do the opposite…sometimes relaxing is the best thing for our bodies and minds.
As I move toward Menopause, the course still supports me because I understand what is happening in my body and how to maintain my pelvic floor and core health. I no longer fear the Menopause, but am looking forward to learning more about how incredible women’s bodies are!
Yes, I do still do my dedicated exercises and yes, they still help after 4 years and yes, I am much happier. That is why I am now a proud Holistic Core Restore® coach.

So, what now?

If it was all about the money and the business, I could sell Beginners Pilates courses again and again (and you can imagine my husband’s response to that!). But the thing is, I teach these courses because Holistic Core Restore® helped me, and I know how it can help others. I dip into these resources on a weekly basis, because the information is hard to get elsewhere and completely reliable.

The perfect recipe for a happy pelvic floor

The backbone of Holistic Core Restore® is support, clear, up-to-date information and drilling down to get to the root of the issue, so clarity and a way forward is found.
I understand why Holistic Core Restore® is not the most simple route to take. It is not as easy as swallowing a daily pill every day. But this is OUR BODY! Don’t we have the right to understand our bodily reactions, so we can decide if the typical medication route is right for us? After all these years, don’t we owe ourselves that much? I have met many women who just give up and accept that their situation cannot be changed. This is terrible because women are then put off taking part in exercise, games with their children and all the other fun stuff in life – it doesn’t have to be this way.
If any of this story speaks to you, or you know of somebody who would relate to this, please give yourself, or someone you know, a helping hand and take a look at the next Every Woman Holistic Core Restore® course. Because we deserve to live the life we love.
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