You hear it all the time, I say it all the time: “CORE TRAINING”, “CORE WORKOUT”, “STRENGTHEN YOUR CORE”
But what is the CORE? How do we train to build a strong core?

Where is my core?

So, if you remove your head, arms, legs (but not your feet), then you are looking at your core. Essentially it is your trunk with two feet attached.
Your trunk comprises your spine, diaphragm, pelvic floor and abdominal muscles and together these muscles provide you with stiffness and mobility to perform all of our movement.
Your feet should provide you with a strong, adaptable base for you to stand, balance, walk, run, jump… they work alongside your trunk core, helping your body work well.
Yes, you need your core to be both strong and flexible – how can you achieve this?

How can I strengthen my core?


Who might have a stronger core?

This lady with the calf will be moving in many different ways throughout the day, grappling that calf would not have been easy!.

The lady at the gym has muscles many would dream for but will tend to achieve these with more regimented movements, so she will be strong but only in certain directions.

Both are heroes!

So movements, ideally in an upright position, that work your feet and your trunk are your ‘go-to’ choices. Try and be as versatile as possible – repeating the same core exercises will only get you so far.

So how should I move?

Walking and moving well during everyday tasks is a great way to strengthen your core. Check out the video below for some inspiration:

Keep on going to the gym, if that is what you love, but do not underestimate the impacts safe and effective everyday movements can have. Embracing your core muscles and exhaling when lifting anything heavy will not only get you stronger but will protect your back and keep you moving safer, for longer!

For more information about how you can safely develop the core using your feet and trunk, check out the courses available from Shape It Up Core!

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