When 84% of the adult population experience back pain, it can seem pretty unavoidable. Back pain can interrupt your sleep and make even the most simple movement uncomfortable, but we can protect ourselves! How can we do this? I’m glad you asked…

Head, Shoulders, Knees and…SPINE

Your spine is the central support of your body. It helps with almost EVERY movement you make, so its crucial to protect it!

It is naturally strong and mobile with a fascinating design of 34 bones (vertebrae). Even though each bone is slightly different shape, they fit together perfectly. Each spinal joint is protected by a group of muscles, so keeping the muscles around the spin healthy will keep your spine working as it should.

How is Back Pain Caused?

Staying in one position for too long can cause your body to stiffen and eventually you feel pain.

Keeping your muscles strong and flexible is crucial to avoid these aches and pains, and the only way to do this…EXERCISE! Regular stretches and back strengthening exercises are great when you have been in one position for a long time, such as sitting at your desk.

How I Can Keep My Spine Working Well?


How you hold yourself when you sit, walk, stand, run…when you do anything!…is the first step towards aligning the bones of your back to stop any muscles being overused on one side of your body. There is no perfect posture. Make sure you are standing tall and hold a position where your back is not too rigid, but not completely relaxed. Having a great posture also helps you feel more confident – it is a win-win.

Watch our exercise video to prevent back soreness when standing!

Keeping Your Discs Healthy

Great posture means your discs can move and react as needed. The discs are in between each bone of the spine and absorb any force (this can happen when you walk, run or fall over). They also help you and your spine to move. Like everything else in our body, as we age the discs can become flat, which can make you feel stiff and in pain. If the disc ruptures, the pain can spread down the leg – so it’s very important to look after them!

Stay hydrated, consume a healthy diet, maintain healthy body weight and keep moving to ensure good disc health.

Maintaining Strong and Flexible Ligaments and Muscles

Acting like the ropes on a sailboat, your muscles help keep your spine upright, so having one side tighter, stronger or longer than the other (for example continuous standing with weight in one leg or in a slumped posture) will cause discomfort. Dedicated spinal stretches will keep your muscles equal – make sure you do these little and often!

One last tip…

Give yourself space and time by managing your stress and workload levels to stand tall, breathe, eat well and keep moving each and every day. Check out my video which shows the Top 6 Exercises for your back, and never hesitate to get in contact.

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